Tuesday, 31 January 2012

E-Cops - Foreign Vehicles In The UK

Apologies: Some correction on my last E-cops I sent out to you all regarding the period of time foreign vehicles visiting or staying in the UK can remain before being required to re-register to a UK number plate;

Visitors coming to the UK that don’t intend living here can usually use a vehicle displaying foreign (non-UK) number plates for up to six months in a 12 month period. This can be one single or several shorter visits, adding up to a six month period. During this time the vehicle can travel displaying the non-UK plates but only provided the vehicle is still fully registered and tax paid, in the country it came from (the driver’s home Country).

For anyone wishing to stay in the UK for longer than a six month period, their vehicle will normally need to be registered and taxed at Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). There are exemptions for students and workers who normally live outside the UK but are only in the UK for a set study or work period.

Kind regards
PCSO Bujar Mani
Histon Safer Neighbourhood Team