Saturday, 21 January 2012

E-Cops: Update on Parking Issue In Pheasant Rise and Foreign Vehicles

The following is an update from our local PCSO to the Parish Council regarding the issue of Parking in Pheasant Rise as well as Foreign Vehicles;

"Just a quick update regards the parking issue in Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill. I have visited the location and assets the parking issue, there is no illegal parking as such, but there a is a slight obstruction. I have managed to speak to the motorist parked inconsiderably in the area and have discussed with them the light obstruction they causing to other road users in the way their vehicles are parked on daily bases. They were very understanding and apologetic, and have agreed to park elsewhere in the future, making sure no obstructions are caused.

One of the vehicles parked on the grace verge has been issued with a warning, due to not been able to speak with the owner. I will continue to visit Pheasant Rise whilst I am out an about on patrols and monitor the parking issue.

The Foreign vehicles in the village. I have for the second time visited a Bulgarian family in Appletrees regarding their vehicle not been registered in the UK. A final warning has now been issued to the registered owner of that vehicle, and has been strongly advised not to use his vehicle until he has all the paper work in order. If the motorist chooses not to comply with this warning, action will be taken against him, he could be heavily fined and have his vehicle seized by the police.


I have located the second foreign vehicle in Pheasant Rise, I have not been to find out who the owner of this vehicle is, but I will continue to make further enquiries.  

Please update the rest of the residents if you see them before I do.

Kind Regards
Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team"