Friday, 13 January 2012

Free Energy Saving Advice For Businesses

Small businesses in Cambridge are being offered free energy saving advice including how to tap into the government’s ‘green’ grants through an event promoted by the city’s Liberal Democrats.

The drop-in event will take place at the SmartLIFE Centre following a request from East Chesterton County Councillor, Ian Manning who is concerned about the problems facing small businesses across the city.

It will take place on January 16 between 8am and 11am and offers free advice to local businesses with fewer than 250 employees.

Topics covered will include:

  • Skills and the government’s new Green Deal which aims to establish a framework to enable private firms to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements at no upfront cost, and recoup payments through a charge in instalments on the energy bill.
  • Energy audit advice - take advantage of a free energy audit of your premises
  • Water efficiency advice from Anglian Water and Cambridge Water
  • Retrofitting housing
  • Recycling Waste
  • Green travel plan to work to save money.

Cllr Manning said: “I hope businesses will support this extremely worthwhile event which could help them to save money and cut their carbon footprints at the same time.”

MP Julian Huppert said "I'm pleased to support this event which backs up work we have been doing to support the character of Cambridge and small businesses in particular."

Cllr Sian Reid, leader of Cambridge City Council added: "Improving energy consumption can save small businesses money and ultimately give them more chance of surviving these tough economic times."