Friday, 27 January 2012

Speeding: No-One Thinks Big Of You

Cambridgeshire County Council Road Safety Officers have launched a new campaign targeting young male drivers who speed.

The campaign, titled 'Speeding: no-one thinks big of you', is inspired by a similar campaign in Australia and aims to use peer pressure in a cheeky, subtle way to reduce young male driver and female passenger casualties.

Given the target audience, the campaign centres around information, advice and discussion on the Road Safety Team Facebook page and Twitter feed.

This will be accompanied by posters, featuring students from Huntingdonshire Regional College, which depict young females waving their little fingers, 'pinkies', at guys who are speeding or driving dangerously to show off.

Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, Councillor Steve Criswell, said:  "In 2010 there were 923 road casualties aged 17 to 25 in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, which is higher than the national average.  This casualty rate is also at double the rate for all other age groups.

"This campaign steers away from the hard-hitting campaigns used previously to target the young male driver audience and aims to stimulate discussion and give passengers the confidence to tell their friends to slow down."

Matt Staton, Road Safety Officer for Cambridgeshire County Council, added:  "The aim of this campaign is to encourage teenage girls to tell their boyfriends/friends when they don't like their driving and show they are not impressed.  We also want to make young male drivers aware that they don't impress people when they show off in their cars."