Monday, 27 February 2012

BHA: The Importance of Being Interested

XKCD: The Difference
Being interested in things is one of the greatest of virtues - one that has had the biggest impact on the shape of human life. Without a desire to understand how things work, what things are made of, how we fit in to the universe, we would not have the huge body of knowledge that we currently enjoy, nor the overwhelming number of unanswered questions that scientists, mathematicians, and others are working to answer. The webcomic, XKCD, perfectly illustrates the level of enquiry, persistence, and dedication needed to study some of these questions in The Difference - showing how the importance of being interested can manifest itself in the scientific field.

But also, without the interest in sounds, shapes, colours, perspective, words, and language we wouldn't have the art, music, and literature that can inspire, motivate, and invigorate us. 

The importance of being interested is a big topic to take on; one that comedian Robin Ince is well positioned to tackle at this year's Voltaire Lecture on 25th April. A true raconteur, Robin is able to articulate the feelings of admiration we feel for the Renaissance man, people like physicist, samba drummer, and lock-pick Richard Feynman, who is sure to get a mention during the evening.

The 2012 Voltaire lecture will be in interesting for anyone interested in hearing someone interesting talk about interesting people, interesting ideas, and how important it is to be interested. A subject very close to the hearts and minds of all of us free-thinkers.