Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Have Your Say On County Councillors Allowances

With the City Council both freezing its Council Tax and freezing the allowances paid to City Councillors it is troubling that the County Council is still running a "public consultation" exercise on the current levels of remuneration for County Councillors.

As you know the previous "Independent Remuneration Panel" (IRP) advised the Council that Councillors were being drastically underpaid and deserved an absolutely obscene 25% pay rise - a pay rise the vast majority of the Conservative group then voted to accept.

The Panel was ruled to have been illegal constituted and the pay rise was consequently thrown out.

This is the Conservatives second attempt to get more money - oh and in case you were wondering if it really was about more money yesterday the Conservative Group voted through a budget which includes an extra 100k pre-allocated for the rise (clearly they are expecting the panel to just rubber-stamp the previous conclusion!).

If you would like to have your say on-line then the link is below;

There is also going to be a public meeting in the Centre of Cambridge at the Anglia Ruskin University Campus Lord Ashcroft Building from 6.30pm on the 27 February.

If you would like to come to the public meeting the above link also includes directions.

This is *your* chance to have your say, the IRP will be producing recommendations and they will be voted on at Full Council AND, with a clear Conservative Majority, whatever the Conservative group decides to do with the recommendation will be what happens.