Monday, 13 February 2012

Need Help Or Advice With Daily Living? - Just AskSARA!

A website offering help and advice to people with a range of day-to-day needs is now available with information localised for people living in Cambridgeshire.

AskSARA is a self help guide that enables people to identify equipment that may help them in their daily lives, including information on manufacturers and local suppliers.

Cambridgeshire's version is being promoted as a flagship for providing local information by the Disabled Living Foundation.

AskSARA takes users through a set of guided questions leading to general advice and recommendations on what equipment would be suitable to meet their particular needs.

It provides information on local sources of equipment including retail outlets, mail order and demonstration centres. People receive a review of the recommended equipment before they buy. This allows them to compare and make informed choices about which equipment will best meet their needs.

Local Parish Councillor and Resident Andy Pellew said "It's good to see the County Council providing access to it's information as in a easily understandable and accessible way. The website is hosted by the Disabled Living Foundation who will be publicising the site not just within the County but to other Councils as a best-practice site they should be following. It's good to see Cambridgeshire at the leading edge offering solutions to residents."

The new website AskSARA went live on February 1.  Access is via the pages offering advice about equipment on Cambridgeshire's adult social care website Your Life, Your Choice   or go straight to AskSARA at:

The AskSARA services builds on the help, advice and support which is already provided by social care and health services in Cambridgeshire.

AskSARA Website