Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Petition Against Duxford Bus Cuts Gets 498 Signatures In Two Days

Cllr Susan van der Ven
(LD, Melbourn)

Villagers in the Duxford area have reacted angrily to Cambridgeshire County Council’s proposals to take away virtually all their subsidised buses in September.

In just two days a petition warning the Tory-run county council that withdrawing the buses risks isolating people gained 498 signatures.

Resident, Clare Delderfield will present the petition to the county council’s Cabinet on March 6 when the issue will be decided.

Clare said: “So many people in Duxford and the surrounding villages rely on buses to enable them to get to work or college, pick up their shopping or visit the local doctor’s surgery. I met a lady yesterday who relies on the buses to be able to visit her husband in hospital every day.

“Without these essential services many people will become isolated. I'm not surprised that everyone I spoke to was happy to sign this petition.”

The county council’s consultation with residents over the bus cuts has been criticised by Lib Dem County Councillor Tim Stone, who represents Duxford.

He said, “Since the council’s first decision was threatened with judicial review, the Conservatives have had over a year to consult meaningfully with bus users, parish councils and people in general; they haven't.

“All we have seen are cuts to evening and weekend services and the botched minibus project at Whittlesford station. Hardly surprising then, that so many residents are only too happy to sign up to a demand for something better. I thank them and fully support them.”

Cllr Susan van de Ven, Lib Dem Transport Spokesperson added: “The Conservatives have promised that when they take bus subsidies away, they will replace them with something as good or better. Their alternative plan in Duxford, which has been running for nearly three months, is clearly not working. If there is a better alternative, local people have heard nothing about it.”