Thursday, 23 February 2012

Street Lighting PFI: Coming To A Street Near You

Cambridgeshire County Council has signed a private finance initiative (PFI) with Balfour Beatty to replace and upgrade all the street lights across Cambridgeshire.

As you can imagine that's quite a large undertaking and the process of updating all the lights isn't going to be done quickly, and it isn't going to be done everywhere all at once.

Councillors received a presentation on the project which I've attached, as with all PFI schemes the cost over the long term to the County is quite significant, but the savings brought about by replacing the existing lights, cutting 10% of the number of street lights, and by dimming the lights early in the morning.

The most interesting slide is the one showing the difference in the type and spread of light coming from the new lights;
Old and New Street Lighting Changes
A scan of the booklet that Balfour Beatty have been circulating to residents is available here if you'd like more information from the suppliers (including their customer service helpline number 0800 7838247). They have also created a website with more information;

The original presentation to County Councillors is available here. If you have any questions/ concerns please let me know.