Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Young People Would Get Free Transport Under £80,000 Scheme

Young people looking for education, training or employment would be entitled to free transport under an £80,000 scheme proposed by Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats.

The scheme would be run by Cambridgeshire County Council Locality Teams and would cover all forms of public transport.

Cllr van de Ven
Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport, Susan van de Ven said, “Young people face unprecedented pressures, and the prohibitive cost of transport can be a blockade to opportunity.

“It is unfortunate that the county council not only fails to provide supported transport for young people in this situation, but is actually planning to cut 100 per cent of subsidised bus services.

“Our modest proposal would ensure that every young person seeking education, training and employment would be given a helping hand with making that first step.

"We believe that the principle of wider access to public transport for young people should be developed much further.”

The proposal has been inspired by the train operating company First Capital Connect, which is currently working with the Department for Work and Pensions on a scheme to allow people on Job Seeker’s Allowance free travel to job interviews and forthe first month of employment, when arranged through Job Centre Plus.

Councillor van de Ven added: “In rural areas, some parish councils and community transport providers are already supporting very localised transport schemes for young people. The county council should be playing a leading role in facilitating access and mobility for young people who need it most.”