Thursday, 29 March 2012

E-Cops - Walk in Crime

Yesterday (28th) there was an incident in Grantchester where a middle aged couple, believed to be involved in a scam or distraction crime, were found in a house belonging to an elderly resident.

No one was hurt, and nothing is believed to have been stolen. The details surrounding the incident are unclear, naturally the victim was distressed and there is some confusion over the exact circumstances.

This is an early reminder (owing to the unseasonably good weather) that our elderly neighbours can be vulnerable to walk in crime should they leave windows and doors open for ventilation.

Please help us to protect those elderly and frail members of our community by having a conversation with family members, neighbours and people you may work with and encourage good home security.

If you are worried about someone in your community who may be vulnerable, please feel welcome to call 101 and ask to talk to your local PCSO.

Many thanks for your help.

Sgt Paul Rogerson