Sunday, 4 March 2012

Guided Busway Smart Cards To Get Longer Life

Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

Busway smartcards are being upgraded and given a longer life as part of updates to the ticketing system.

Following discussions with bus operators and in response to feedback from the public the system has been updated allowing the 10 journey carnet to expire after two months, giving passengers double the time to use their journeys. Previously smartcards with a 10 journey carnet expired after one month.

Smartcards can be topped up with an additional 10 trips on the bus. All existing cardholders will receive new Smartcards to replace the existing ones. The County Council will send a new card, which supports the new two month time limit, to existing smartcard holders. This means they can benefit from the change and will also gain an additional two free trips recognising the slight inconvenience to customers of switching from the old cards to the new cards.

Joseph Whelan, Head of Passenger Transport, said: "As a trial bus operators asked that Smartcards had just a month expiry date for the 10 journey carnet. Now the Busway has been so successful they have agreed to extend that to two months.

"I am pleased that customers will enjoy a couple of free trips on the Busway because of this improvement to the system and need to issue the new cards. The Busway has seen massive success with more than a million journeys since it opened and we are constantly looking, with operators and the communities it serves, at ways of improving it."

Busway smartcard holders will be written to informing them of the changes.