Friday, 30 March 2012

Lib Dems Welcome £1.7M Cash Injection For Bus Services

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed a £1.724 million government  cash injection to improve bus services in Cambridgeshire.

Transport Spokesperson, Susan van de Ven said the money should improve accessibility and bus journey times.

“Cambridgeshire Lib Dems have repeatedly called for more investment in bus interchanges, real time and smart ticketing locally so it is encouraging that the Lib Dems in government have responded in kind,” she said.

"Cambridgeshire also urgently needs rural bus routes to be developed. The Tory-run Cambridgeshire County Council has made a mistake in deciding to withdraw rather than enhance its support of so many bus routes, and I hope today's announcement from government will serve as a strong reminder that bus service in all its forms needs support."

Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker announced the grant for Cambridgeshire today (Friday March 23) as part of the Better Bus Areas Fund which is being increased nationally from £50 million to £70 million.

Specific allocations of funding are for:

  • better traffic management on four key corridors into the city
  • improved interchanges
  • real time passenger information
  • bus priority measures
  • the upgrade of buses
  • smart ticketing top-up on street