Saturday, 17 March 2012

Parish Council Highways Inspection (The Spinney/ Field View)

You may or may not be aware of this but Bar Hill is divided amongst the Parish Councillors each of whom is expected, at least once a quarter, to walk their area making note any highways issues that need to be addressed so they can be passed on to Highways at Cambridgeshire County Council.

Following me joining the Parish Council at the beginning of the year (and two people resigning) everything was moved around a bit and I've been allocated both The Spinney and Field View. The slight difference at this time was that Street Lighting is (as you know) being replaced so we were asked to note the positions of any signage (i.e. Dog Fouling, Neighbourhood Watch, etc.) that would need to be migrated to the new light post when they go in.

Below is the list of issues I raised on my first inspection last Monday;

  • Street Lighting Signage; available here as a PDF (via Google Documents). It should be noted that this report just covers on-street signage (those beginning CCCxx) and not those on the paths behind streets (those that start with CCC xxxF).
  • There is a missing street sign (house numbers) on the junction of the second left-turn on the left (entering from Crafts Way). The missing number is 11 – 17. Someone has replaced the sign but it should be done officially.
  • Street Light 18 (on The Spinney) was on during the day and has been reported to the County Councils street lighting team (on 0800 783 8247) and will be looked at
  • Multiple street lights are missing their “ident” plaques, but as they are going to be replaced sometime during the next 12 months it’s not really worth getting people to come out and attaching the plastic plaques to the street lights just before they are replaced (for example lighting in the Spinney is due to be done in July to December this year).
  • The state of the road is particularly bad in a number of places, the surface finishing has completely worn away in places as has the next layer down and the original foundations are now beginning to show through. This is happening on both the roads and on the footpaths. This will be reported to Highways so they can prioritise the work. Some examples are below;

And that's it. Remember if you have any issues you can raise them with your local Parish Councillor, with the Parish Clerk, or directly with Cambridgeshire County Council (or indirectly via FixMyStreet)

The whole inspection took around a little under two hours (which was quicker than I expected) and hopefully next time I'll get a chance to walk the pathways leading to the spine. If you are aware of any issues I've missed feel free to let me know!
Bar Hill The Spinney and Field View (Courtesy of