Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bar Hill Parish Council Meeting 19th April 2012

Bar Hill Village Sign
As always tomorrows Bar Hill Parish Council meeting will start with the "open forum" which is the opportunity for any member of the public to turn up and raise an issue they'd like to see the Parish Council to discuss. If you have anything for the Open Forum please feel free to come along, if you can't make the meeting just let me have your comment and I'll raise it (as a Parish Councillor) on your behalf.

The full agenda for tomorrows meeting is;

  1. Apologies for absence/ declarations of interest
  2. Approval of minutes
  3. Matters for discussion; Sale of 130 Appletrees, Income from The Willows (Possible projects 2012/13), The Farmhouse - Energy Performance Certificate, and Standards Committee - Adoption of Localism Bill
  4. General Correspondence Received - At the moment there are four items; Bus Subsidies (from the County Council), Drought situation and imminent hosepipe ban (Anglia Water), Integrated Plan 2012-13 (County Council), and Footpath repairs at the Hollytrees Bridge (County Council)
  5. Clerks Financial Report (includes proposed works)
  6. Chairman's report; possible policy on felling of trees, and the Village Emergency Plan
  7. Receive reports from other public bodies
  8. Items for information (none are included
I'm sure the report from the PCSO's will include something about the recent (minor) fire at the Skate Park.

Hopefully I'll leave myself a little more time to publicise the agenda prior to the next meeting, but as always if you have anything locally you'd like discussed let me know.