Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cambridge Liberal Democrats Launch Petition Against Web Surveillance Plans

Cambridge Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert has today launched a petition to stop any plans to create a snoopers charter. This petition follows a public letter in The Independent from 17 Lib Dem MPs, lead by Julian Huppert. The letter called for openness from the Government about controversial proposals to monitor emails, telephone calls and social media.

The new petition demands a guarantee from the Government that no-one will be allowed to read the content of internet communications, phone calls or texts without a warrant. The petition also calls for “substantially stronger safeguards for civil liberties”.

Julian said “Local Liberal Democrats will always fight for the basic right of every single Cambridge resident to have a private life. I’ve already helped force the Government to publish the new bill in draft form, so it can be scrutinized and amended. This petition, launched by Liberal Democrats across the City, will push the Government to create new safeguards to protect against state surveillance. Lib Dems in Cambridge will do whatever it takes to protect our fundamental civil liberties.”

The online petition can be found here;

Julian Huppert’s letter to The Independent can be found here;