Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Changes to Stagecoach Commercial Services

Citi 5 Bus Stop Sign On
Crafts Way (Bar Hill)

The key word in the title is "Commercial", these are the services Stagecoach runs without any subsidies from the County Council and so can pretty much change anything it likes to anything it likes at will (with the obvious proviso that the key is to make money, not to provide a service).

The following changes are improvements to the existing services;

New Route X4 – Eaton Socon – St Neots – Cambourne – Cambridge 
Combined with route X5 will offer a service to Cambridge every 15 minutes throughout the day. Provides direct links from Eaton Socon and Loves Farm and a faster Cambourne to Cambridge service.
Route 9 – Cambridge – Ely – Chatteris/Littleport 
The off peak frequency will be increased to hourly; connections will be made at Chatteris for March on some journeys.
Route 35 – March – Chatteris – Warboys – Huntingdon 
Now offering additional buses between March rail station and Chatteris this route will replace current route 9 on this section (with connections to Ely), continuing every two hours to Warboys and Huntingdon.

These changes are reductions in service;

Cambridge Citi 1 – section between Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn revised to two journeys per hour that then become the Citi 3.
Cambridge Citi 3 – revised route in Cherry Hinton with buses terminating at Bridewell Road (two per hour), Tesco Store (two per hour) and running direct to Fulbourn (two per hour).
Cambridge Citi 4 – will run from Madingley Road into the city centre serving Northampton Street and Mitchams Corner – West Cambridge and Grange Road remain served by the Uni 4. The section of this route between Cambourne and St Neots is covered by new route X4, see above.
Cambridge Citi 5 – will continue to extend beyond Bar Hill serving Longstanton, Willingham, Over and Swavesey hourly. Buses will circle these villages either clockwise or anti-clockwise calling at Longstanton Park & Ride site to offer interchange with The Busway.
Cambridge Citi 8 – Minor changes to timings
Route 11 – Revised timetable, basic frequency retained with reduced early morning/evening positioning journeys removed
Route 12 – Revised timetable, basic frequency retained with reduced early morning/evening positioning journeys removed
Route 33 – March – Whittlesey – Peterborough
Following many requests the link between Whittlesey and March is restored, running every two hours during the day. The frequency between Whittlesey and Peterborough remains every 30 minutes.
Routes 62/63/64 – St Neots Town Services will now link Eaton Socon and Loves Farm to Cambridge as new route X4, with Eynesbury linked through to Little Paxton and Huntingdon as route 66.
Route 66 – Huntingdon – Buckden – St Neots 
Commercial route 66 retained hourly and extended to Eynesbury store.
Route 91 – Withdrawn

I'll post details of the proposed changes to the non-commercial services later.