Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Changes To Street Light Fault Reporting

As you will have seen round the village the replacement of the old Street Lights with the new, energy efficient, ones is well underway with the old lights on parts of the ring-road already having been turned off and removed.

The old street lights were affixed with a plastic identify tag with a number for that light (which when combined with the street) was unique. This tag also had an 0800 number on which to report a fault.

The new lights have a sticker instead (which is less likely to be broken off) and the contact number has changed to;

0800 7838247

There is also an on-line form you can use to report faults with the street lights here;

In order to report a fault you'll need to have both the unique code from the lamp (L2PAV in the image above) and the Street Name on which the street light is located. For the lights on the paths you need to enter the nearest street number and be as detailed as possible about where the light is located (just in case the nearest street isn't the *right* street!).

Of course by far the best place to report these issues is on the FixMyStreet website, for example;

As reports submitted via this website are public you can use it to see if the problem has already been reported by someone else.