Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Liberal Democrats: Local Election Broadcast

Did you know - unlike those Councils run by Labour or the Conservatives, every single Liberal Democrat council in England has frozen it's council tax? 

Here in Bar Hill Conservative-controlled Cambridgeshire County Council has chosen to raise their share of Council Tax for everyone so even though some Parish and District Councils (including Liberal Democrat Controlled Cambridge City Council and your local Bar Hill Parish and District Council) have not opted to raise Council Tax the bills for every single household in Cambridgeshire will rise.

Also, according to the Local Government Chronicle, Liberal Democrat councils are twice as likely to give pay rises to low paid workers compared to those that are run by Labour and a staggering five times more likely than those with Conservatives in charge.

And finally as you're casting your vote in the local elections you might like to bear in mind that this month Liberal Democrats in Government have delivered tax cuts for 25m working people.

Watch this video online, and keep an eye out for the full version on BBC and ITV on Thursday evening.