Wednesday, 25 April 2012

South Cambridgeshire Minor Highways Improvements Panel

This is a new feature of Highways Management by Cambridgeshire County Council which is being run this year for the first time. The scheme itself is basically that the County Council has created a 55,000 pot for South Cambridgeshire Minor highways work which organisations in South Cambridgeshire can then bid for on the understanding that they must contribute 10% of the overall cost. The entries will then be viewed by a panel of elected County Councillors for the area who will then decide which schemes should get the money based on, well, whatever criteria they want to base their decisions on.

The original application form is available here (on the CCC website), if you'd like some idea of how much these improvements costs then click here (via Google Docs) for the costing document that went along with the application form.

Our area, unlike some of the other areas, has seen an absolute flood of applications from Parish Councils asking for everything from gateway features to a village, speed reductions, resurfaced foot path, etc.

I raised a Freedom of Information request with the County Council (via the excellent What do they Know? website) to get the list of bid submissions as I believe it's vital, especially given the fact that this process could become a permanent fixture, for Parishes to be able to see what makes a successful bid and what doesn't.

The full list is available here (via Google Docs).

As you can see there have been 59 separate submissions some of which contain multiple bids for the funding (Bassingbourn for example put in 2, as did Coton, 3 for Eltisley etc). The huge majority of bids seem to be costed, and fall within the sample amounts for the scheme (the 25,000 mini-roundabout is definitely out unless the Parish wants to stump up 15,000!).

So what now? Well now it's down to the Councillors on the panel (the details of which doesn't seem to be on the County Councils website ... unfortunately) to make the decisions on what schemes will go ahead.