Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cambridge MP Huppert Receives Assurances On Green Deal's Credentials

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert

MP Julian Huppert has received assurances from the government that its new Green Deal will give investors long-term confidence to invest in companies tackling climate change, such as the newly-launched Cambridge Retrofit scheme.

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Gregory Barker paid tribute to the organisation which is working to retrofit buildings throughout the City to help make Cambridge the first UK city to meet national carbon reduction targets.

“My department is already working with Cambridge Retrofit which is just the sort of ambitious city-wide retrofit programme the Green Deal is designed to support,” he said during Questions in the House of Commons.

Julian welcomed Mr Barker’s endorsement saying: “Cambridge Retrofit is indeed an excellent programme which will make a huge difference.”

And he asked the Minister: “How will the government ensure there is the stability of energy and climate policies in the long term so investors are willing to put finance into major schemes such as Cambridge Retrofit?”

Mr Barker replied: “We know what investors want; they want TLC, transparency, longevity and certainty and unlike previous short term or stop go policies, the Green Deal is designed to run well into the 2020s giving investors exactly the sort of longevity and certainty they need.”

Later Julian said: “This is very welcome news. I am delighted that the government has shown this commitment to the Green Deal and the fight to tackle climate change.

“For major programmes such as the one run by Cambridge Retrofit, the confidence of investors to put their money into green, carbon reduction companies is vital. These companies rely on the government having a strong, green agenda and that has been clearly demonstrated today.”

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