Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Liberal Democrat Eurofile Issue 12

In this edition, slightly delayed due to the editor's accession to the European Parliament:

THE LOW CARBON ROADMAP FOR EUROPE: Chris Davies reports on his surprising success in getting the main party groups in the European Parliament to line up behind a strategy to cut emissions by up to 95% by 2050. The British Conservatives, showing their true colours, opposed it!

NEW LIB DEM EURO MPs: Phil Bennion and Rebecca Taylor take their seats and put jobs and trade as their top priority

THE EU BUDGET: George Lyon on why EU governments can't have their cake and eat it in looking for cuts.

WHY TUNISIAN DEMOCRACY MATTERS: Phil Bennion and a Parliamentary delegation find encouraging signs in the crucible of the Arab Revolution.

DOUZE POINTS FOR FREEDOM!: Graham Watson launches a twitter campaign and petition highlighting the human rights abuses in Azerbaijan, hosts of Eurovision this year.

MEPS LAUNCH CAMPAIGN TO BOOST SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESS: Time to put small business top of the agenda, says Sharon Bowles.

GREECE NEEDS REFORM NOT YET MORE TAXES: Liberal leaders back a brave call by the new Democratic Alliance in Athens to end the clientilism of the Greek state and link bail-out cash to much-needed reforms of the economy.

LOW COST AIRLINES NEED TO TACKLE TRAFFICKING: Catherine Bearder is stepping up her campaign against human trafficking gangs.

JACK STRAW: Fiona Hall takes the Labour dinosaur to task over his call to scrap the European Parliament.

LIB DEMS SAY NO TO NEW INTERNET LAW: Lib Dem Euro MPs line up to deliver the killer blow to new anti-counterfeit legislation (ACTA) that many campaigners fear would drastically affect internet freedom.

MORE ACTION TO CUT ROAMING BILLS: Parliament keeps up the pressure to stop profiteering mobile phone companies charging the earth for international calls and data downloads.
#EPtransparency : Andrew Duff campaigns for named and published votes in European Parliament committees.

CRIME GANGS FACE ASSET-STRIPPING THREAT: Sarah Ludford welcomes EU commission plans to tighten laws on seizing illegal assets from criminal gangs.

.... and a round-up of hard-to-find news of Liberal parties in and out of government across Europe.

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