Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Liberal Democrat News: South Cambs Mail

We (the Liberal Democrats) are currently in the process of delivering a South Cambs Mail across the Division. The top stories of this issue are;
  • Guided Bus Interest To Cost 10m
  • EU Investment Helps Economic Recovery
  • Join Our Campaign For A Tax On Bank Transcations
  • The Apprentics - Numbers Hit Record Levels
  • Raise Tax Threshold Further And Faster, Say Lib Dems
  • Opinion: Tories Can't Cut Services With One Hand And Grab Taxes With The Other
  • Lib Dems Oppose Tories Move To Increase Pay For Councillors
  • SCDC Tories Fail To Condemn Loss Of Rural Transport Funds
  • Only The Lib Dems Can Beat The Conservatives Here
If you are interested in helping us deliver the this leaflet to your street please get in touch, I can be contacted on 07814 871 752 (or via email at

An electronic version (PDF) of the newspaper is available here (via Google Docs).