Friday, 18 May 2012

Lighter Later: Let's Get Our Bill Back!

A new session's just kicked off in parliament, and that means another chance to change time!

Today 20 MPs have been picked to put forward a bill on any subject they like[?] – and we need one of them to choose clock change.

Your MP Julian Huppert wasn't picked this time, but you can still help make sure one of the 20 decides to bring the Daylight Saving Bill back to parliament.

Last week an MP called Adrian Sanders tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) supporting clock change. An EDM is like a parliamentary petition – an easy way for MPs to nail their colours to the mast on a particular issue.

Right now, the 20 Chosen Ones are deciding which cause to support with their bill. If they see fellow MPs throwing their support behind clock change through this EDM, it could swing the decision in our favour.

The last clock change EDM got 76 signatures. This time, with your help we can hit 100. Can you convince your MP to sign Adrian Sanders' Early Day Motion?

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Let's get our bill back!

Daniel Vockins
Campaign manager, Lighter Later

P.S. Totally baffled by the whole process? Check out Maddy's blog for a beginner's guide to Private Members Bills.