Friday, 18 May 2012

A New And Improved Library System

Cambridgeshire County Council is installing a new, modern library system that will improve the  library catalogue and provide you with a wider range of services, including a new Library App for mobile devices. The system has been funded by Improvement East and will pave the way for  improved customer service.  

To make sure the new system is installed successfully we will need to close libraries briefly,  however during this time we’ll be increasing book loan periods.

We will do our best to keep disruption to a minimum and most libraries will be shut for a single  day or less. The closures will take place as follows:

  • Wednesday, 20 June 2012 – Libraries closed in City and South Cambs   
  • Thursday, 21 June 2012 – Libraries closed in Huntingdonshire   
  • Friday, 22 June 2012 – Libraries closed in East Cambs and Fenland   

To find out which District your library is in please go to or call 0345 045 5225.

In preparation for the changeover, the following services will not be available between 11 – 22  June 2012:

  • Telephone renewals  
  • Wi-Fi in libraries   
  • e-books or on-line information sources  
  • Online catalogue, renewals and requests   

This is unavoidable for technical reasons, and we apologise for any convenience caused.    All other services will continue as normal, and customers will be able to borrow and return items  in libraries, and use the PC's.  

Local Parish Councillor Andy Pellew said "While it's undoubtedly an inconvenience to have the library closed for a single day these improvements are vital in ensuring that we have a library service that can meet all the needs in our local community for the years to come."

"Given that the threat of closure that was hanging over our local library has been lifted it's vitally important that we make use of this facility as often as possible for as much as possible and in order for us to do that it must broaden it's appeal and lower it's costs - something these changes are designed to achieve"