Monday, 7 May 2012

South Cambridgeshire Election Result

On May 3rd election were carried out in many areas across South Cambridgeshire (although not here in Bar Hill). Liberal Democrats did fairly badly on the night losing two of the four Council seats we were defending (Linton Ward and Haslingfield and the Eversdens Ward).

From the District Councils website;

"The Conservative Party remained in overall control of the Council and now hold 33 seats, with the Liberal Democrats holding 16, Labour 1 and 7 Independent councillors making up the 57 seats in total. Overall voter turnout was just under 35%.

Before the elections yesterday the political make-up of the Council was:
Conservative - 32
Liberal Democrat - 18
Independent (group) - 5
Independent (non-group) - 1
Labour - 1"

The full results are available here.

As you can see the overall nature of the Council has not changed (although the Conservative Majority is now a great deal safer).

It's worth noting that of the two seats we lost (one to the Conservatives, one to an Independent) both were lost by just ONE and TWO votes respectively. Let this serve as a lesson to anyone who says their vote doesn't count!

Next years elections will be to Cambridgeshire County Council.