Monday, 14 May 2012

Stagecoach Bus Transport Update

Stagecoach Bus On Guided

The following is a press release from Stagecoach on the changes that they are making to bus transport in Cambridgeshire on 10th June;

There has been a lot of uncertainty recently about the future of bus routes in Cambridgeshire. 
The county council has announced that it is to look at new ways to provide transport to those areas where it currently subsidises local bus routes. 
The problem is that all passengers are becoming concerned despite the fact that over 80% of bus routes in the county are run by operators on a commercial basis (with no funding from other bodies). 
Stagecoach has decided it is time to let new and potential customers know how they continue to woo people out of their cars onto its ‘Greener Smarter Travel’, despite facing rising costs and reduced fuel incentives. 
Andy Campbell, Stagecoach East Managing Director, insists innovation and partnership working with the local authority are key to the company’s continued success.

“The Cambridge Citi network has been in place for over 10 years, offering high frequency bus routes across the city. Achieving phenomenal growth in ridership the principles were introduced into Peterborough in 2004 with similar success. In parallel we have not ignored the needs of the market towns and rural communities.

We now face our greatest challenge; to offer a sustainable service in these areas against a background of reduced funding and increased fuel taxation”.

The company believes the solution is threefold:-
- community minibus schemes in remote areas.
- conventional bus service run on a commercial basis, even though this might be a reduction in the current level of service.
- routes that will always need some financial support to run as conventional bus routes - in some cases combining the movement of schoolchildren with the few customers who rely on the bus.

In a move to allay speculation, Stagecoach has announced a round of service changes which show it’s support for these principles and puts them to the test. Revised timetables will take effect from 10 June 2012.

The following is a summary of the most significant effects, full will be available on the company’s website – from week commencing 30th April.

Cambridge citi 1– minor timetable changes.

Cambridge citi 3– revised route in Cherry Hinton with buses terminating at Bridewell Road (two per hour), Tesco Store (two per hour) and running direct to Fulbourn (two per hour). There are minor timetable changes also to this service.

Cambridge citi 4– will run from Madingley Road into the city centre serving Northampton Street and Mitchams Corner – West Cambridge and Grange Road remain served by the Uni 4. The section of this route between Cambourne and St Neots is covered by new route X4, see below.

Cambridge citi 5– will continue to extend beyond Bar Hill serving Longstanton, Willingham, Over and Swavesey hourly. Buses will circle these villages either clockwise or anti-clockwise calling at Longstanton Park & Ride site to offer interchange with The Busway. There are also changes to the evening and Sunday timetables.

Cambridge citi 6– minor changes to the Sunday timetable.

Cambridge citi 7– following much publicised concern about the subsidised section of route beyond Sawston, an hourly extension to Duxford and Saffron Walden will be retained commercially.

Cambridge citi 8– minor timetable changes.

Peterborough citi 1– service changes.

Peterborough citi 2– service changes.

Peterborough citi 3– service changes.

route 9– Cambridge – Ely – Chatteris/Littleport

The off peak frequency will be increased to hourly, connections will be made at Chatteris for March on some journeys.

routes 11/12– Cambridge – Newmarket – Bury St Edmund’s/Ely

There are minor timetable changes to this service.

Route 14 – Caldecote – Hardwick – Cambridge

This service is withdrawn.

routes 16/17– Haverhill/Newmarket – Cambridge – Fen Estate

A commercial service will run every two hours between The Wilbrahams and Fen Estate.

routes 18/18a– Eltisley/Caxton – Comberton - Cambridge

There are minor timetable changes to this service.

Route 19 – Haverhill – Linton – Burrough Green

This service is withdrawn.

route 30– Ramsey – Warboys – Huntingdon

Running in future as an entirely commercial service this route will run two hourly from Ramsey, but remains hourly between Warboys and Huntingdon. Most journeys will extend from Ramsey to Forty Foot, Mereside, Pondersbridge, St Mary’s, Heights and Upwood.

route 31– Ramsey – Whittlesey – Peterborough

Although through buses to Peterborough will now run every two hours the local connection into Ramsey remains hourly, combined with route 30. Both routes 30/31 are extended to serve Ramsey Tesco.

route 33– March – Whittlesey – Peterborough

Following many requests the link between Whittlesey and March is restored, running every two hours during the day. The frequency between Whittlesey and Peterborough remains every 30 minutes.

route 35– March – Chatteris – Warboys – Huntingdon

Now offering additional buses between March and Chatteris this route will replace current route 9 on this section (with connections to Ely), continuing every two hours to Warboys and Huntingdon.

route 45– St Ives – Huntingdon

There are minor timetable changes to this service.

route 61– St Neots Commuter Service

This service is retained to connect to the rail station. This route remains financially supported at this time.

Routes 62/63/64 – St Neots Town Services

New route x4will now link Eaton Socon and Loves Farm to Cambridge (Replacing service 62 in St Neots town and citi 4 between Cambourne and St Neots), with Eynesbury linked through to Little Paxton and Huntingdon as route 66 (Replacing service 64 in St Neots town). Route 63 will not operate from this date.

route 66– Huntingdon – Buckden – St Neots

Another commercial experiment going forwards, this route will still run hourly, with all buses serving Little Paxton before running direct into St Neots.

route 75– Town Centre – Eaton Socon – St Neots Community College

This service is replaces Whippets route 475 and operates at the same times as the current service

Route 91 – St Ives – Earith - Cambridge

This service is withdrawn. Customers are advised to use The Busway for services into Cambridge. Route 95 will be re-routed to serve Willingham.

route 95– Fenstanton – Swavesey - Cambridge

Minor timetable change and re-routed to serve Willingham.

New route x4– Eaton Socon – St Neots – Cambourne – Cambridge

Combined with our successful route X5 will offer a service to Cambridge every 15 minutes throughout the day. This service provides direct links from Eaton Socon and Loves Farm and a faster Cambourne to Cambridge service. (See 61/62/63/64/66 & citi 4 for changes to St Neots town services)

route x8– Chatteris – Wilburton – Cottenham – Cambridge

There are minor timetable changes to this service.

milton park & ride

There are minor timetable changes to this service. This service is also re-routed to serve Cambridge Railway Station and will no longer serve the stops on Hills Road at the Centennial Hotel.

duxford war museum shuttle

A new service providing an hourly service between Cambridge Rail Station and Duxford Imperial War Museum