Friday, 25 May 2012

Tesco "Click and Collect" Planning Application

Side Elevation of New Pod
Tesco have submitted a planning application for a new pod and collection point to be erected in the "quiet" part of the Car Park (near the Primary School).

This was discussed at the last two Parish Council meetings and will be discussed again by the Parish Councils Environment Committee over the new few days.

Here are the documents associated with the planning application;

1. Application Form (No Personal Information)
2. Design and Access Statement
3. Location Plan
4. Pod and Canopy Location Plan
5. Pod and Canopy Elevations and Plan

Here is the response I've submitted and while I am calling for the Planning Application, as it stands, to be rejected I am not against the idea of Tesco expanding and offering this service, just the proposed location;

These are a mixture of objections, requests for more information, and comments; 
  • Due to the location of the pick-up point any traffic disruption in the car park would appear to adversely affect the other businesses on site including restricting access to parking spaces for their customers. Looking at section 7 of the Design and Access Statement there does not seem to have been any assessment of the impact on the other businesses which share the car park (and which will all have their entrances closer to the new pod than Tesco). At the very least these local businesses should be contacted and their views sought. 
  • The document does not seem to contain a Noise Assessment given that a relatively quiet area of the car park (3.2) will now be seeing regular traffic from customers cars and delivery vehicles as well as the loading/ unloading of goods. Given that the location is less than 20 meters from the local Primary School and we are approaching Summer when windows will be open this would seem to be a serious omission. 
  • The access path from the local Library to Tesco runs adjacent to the new pod (to the right of it on the map). It is not clear that the impact of additional traffic on this well-used walkway has been considered (section 8.2. mentions pedestrian routes but this seems to be internal/ around the pod rather than access for local residents) 
  • Given the increase in consumer visits to the store (section 9.1) what assessment has been made on the likely rise in traffic at peak periods? 
  • No indication of the hours of operation of the service has been given in the document. This would be useful in assessing the overnight impact on Gladeside (the adjacent road overlooking the car park). Given this lack of information can I suggest that the planning application restrict opening hours of the pod to no later than 11pm and not before 6am. 
In summary can I ask that this planning application be refused on the grounds that; 
a) the consultation with affected local businesses has been inadequate, and
b) there is no assessment of noise and disruption to Bar Hill Primary school 
Finally might I ask that consideration be given to relocating the pod two parking lanes over (onto the third bloack of parking spaces from the right on the Pod and Canopy Location Plan)? This would increase the distance from the Primary School, negate any disruption to the pedestrian access, and I believe be much more acceptable to local residents.