Monday, 18 June 2012

75,000 Tonnes of Household Waste Recycled

Residents in Cambridgeshire are being thanked for doing their bit for the environment as part of a special week dedicated to recycling.

Recycle Week is being celebrated nationally from 18 to 24 June to help highlight how important recycling is as on average, residents in the UK threw away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks.

It is important to find ways to reduce that waste and recover all useful materials to avoid sending valuable resources to landfill. To help the County Council is highlighting three top recycling week tips:

  1. Find out what you can & can't recycle at
  2. Old appliances with plugs can be recycled at your local recycling centre, along with other materials that can't be put in your recycling been at home - see for more details
  3. Three quarters of people have unwanted clothing in their wardrobes. You can donate it to a charity or taking it to a recycling point. Check where your nearest one is at 

Cambridgeshire is one of the best recycling counties in the UK with last year over 55% of the waste from local households was recycled.

Local Parish Councillor Andy Pellew said: "It's incredible to think that in the last year Cambridgeshire has recycled 75,000 tonnes of household waste. We have achieved a great deal but there is much more to do and still many different types of waste that could be recycled but at the moment we lack the facilities."

"Despite this success it's also important that we should be planning for reuse as part of our overall recycling strategy to prevent re-usable or recycling items making their way into landfill. I, for example, will be dropping off an old computer to Reboot recycling in Waterbeach and I'd encourage others to not just look at what can be recycled but what can be reused".

For more information on where your nearest recycling centre run by AmeyCespa  is and what waste is accepted, visit or call 0345 045 5207.