Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Campaigners Fight To Save Cambridge City's Victorian Street Lights

Cllr Sarah Whitebread
(LD, Market)

Residents have joined forces with Cambridge’s MP and councillors to save the city’s historic cast iron street lights.

The Victorian lights are under threat from a five year Cambridgeshire County Council project to replace or upgrade all the county’s 55,000 street lights.

Campaigners claim that the historic lighting columns, which can be found in Christchurch Street and Earl Street among others, should be left untouched as they are part of the city’s heritage.

Lib Dem Councillor, Sarah Whitebread, who represents Market ward on the county council has launched a petition in a bid to save the lights after being contacted by residents.

She said: “The city centre does not have many cast iron lighting columns left.  Those that we have should be protected - they are part of the heritage of our city and what makes Cambridge a special place in which to live."

MP Julian Huppert said: “These lighting columns are an important part of Cambridge and help to create the historic ambience that we love about our city. If we remove them we lose forever part of the fabric of our city and once lost it can never be replaced.

“But at the same time, we have to have areas which are properly lit so that people can feel safe walking through our city at night. I hope that through this programme, we can achieve a balance between protecting our city’s heritage and the safety of our residents and visitors.”

Sarah’s petition can be found on Cambridgeshire County Council’s website at