Monday, 25 June 2012

E-Cops - Your News Update

'Good news'' Since my last E-cops message, there has been no crime reports for Bar Hill village.

The Skate Park in Bar Hill has had numerous visits from myself and my colleagues, so far all appears to be in order. I have identified certain characters making use of the area for the reasons other than that for which it is intended, therefore we are fully aware who to look for when we attend the location. We will continue to pay attention to the Skate Park, and I would like to pass a message onto all the young people making use of the area, Police will stop search anyone behaving in a suspicious manner. If you are found to have possession of cannabis, there will be no excuses, you could be arrested and dealt with accordingly.

Between 18:30 on Thursday 14th June, and 07:20, on Friday 15th June, there has been one crime report which occurred in the lay-by near to Scotland Farm, A428 Dry Drayton. An articulated lorry was parked in this location, during the times and dates stated above, and unknown person(s) have removed the fuel pump and the locking fuel caps from fuel tank, and have stolen approximately 150 litres of fuel.

Last week between 16:30 and 17:40 a Special Inspector carried out laser speed checks in Oakington Road, Dry Drayton, in the 30mph zone. Two motorist were seen travelling in excess of the speed limit. Both motorists were dealt with accordingly.

If you wish to report any other crime, suspicious behaviour or activity please ring our non-emergency number, 101. If you believe that a crime is in progress please ring 999. I also welcome anyone to contact me directly by emailing if you wish to let me know of any issues you may be experiencing.

Kind regards
Histon Safer Neighbourhood Team