Thursday, 7 June 2012

E-Cops - Your Weekly News

I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather we had last week.

Since my last E-cops there has been four business crime reports in Bar Hill.

Three of the above crimes involve drivers filling up vehicles with fuel at Bar Hill Tesco fuels station and making off without paying. Two vehicle number plates were found in the back garden of a property in Almond Grove, Bar Hill. Is believed that drivers making off without paying for their fuel, attach these stolen number plates to fill up at Tesco Fuel Station. I have collected these number plates and booked them into our crime property store. One of these number plates was linked to a crime.

On Tuesday 22nd May, between 22:30 and 23:00, there has been a report of burglary in a building at Kuick Fit Tyres, Viking Way Bar Hill. Between times and date stated unknown offenders have cut off padlock to outer metal door, and jimmied open inner wooden/glass door. Inside the building an empty key safe containing £30 has been taken and a search of reception area and garage was made. Nothing else appears to be missing at this time.

On Saturday, 26th May, there was an incident report of fire being started in Bar Hill Skate Park. Fire brigade was informed and fire was put off, no damage was caused. I was dealing with crime enquiries in Over village at the time, when I heard on the radio a fire was started by unknown offenders in Bar Hill Skate Park. I immediately made my way to Bar Hill and dealt with the incident. There was a group of youths at the Skate Park making use of the area, I consulted with them regards the fire, they did not see anyone starting the fire and they were the once to report the incident to us.

I am very keen to speak to anyone that may have seen the people responsible for starting the fire.

On Thursday 24th May, there was an incident report in Bar Hill Tesco Car Park. Two Eastern European looking males were in the area offering members of the public a free wrist watch. Once a member of the public agreed to take a watch then they would ask them for £20 for petrol. If member of public had no cash on them, those males would ask them to borrow their debit/credit card to pay for their petrol at fuel kiosk. A member of Tesco’s security staff intervened when he saw a member of the public handing cash over to one of these males. A security staff seized three watches, and stated that was wrong what they were doing. Males jumped in a vehicle and drove off at speed. I have collected the watches and booked them into our property store.

There has been a similar incident report in Dry Drayton on Wednesday 30th May. A member of the public was flagged down believed by the same men. One of the men was holding a gold ring in his hand, he said that he had run out of petrol and wanted to use members of the public credit card to buy fuel for his vehicle then would give the gold ring away in return.

We have had some incident report of the same nature in the past in Girton. They also pretend that they do not speak any English and would say to you that they are lost and need help with direction. If you help them they will then offer you a watch or something, and then will ask you for fuel money.

Can I please advise you that if these men approach you and offer you any items in return got them to use your credit card or ask you for cash, do not take or give them anything, just ring the police immediately and walk away from them.

I carried out a door to door police surgery in Little Meadow, Bar Hill last week, I consulted with numerous of residents in the are, and am glad to say that there was no issues raised.

I carried out speed checks in Scotland's Road, Dry Drayton on Tuesday 29th May.As a result there one motorist was seen travelling in excess of the speed limit. Motorist was dealt with accordantly.

I hope you find the above information useful.

If you wish to report any other crime, suspicious behaviour or activity please ring our non-emergency number, 101. If you believe that a crime is in progress please ring 999. I also welcome anyone to contact me directly by emailing if you wish to let me know of any issues you may be experiencing.

Kind regards
Histon Safer Neighbourhood Team