Saturday, 16 June 2012

Liberal Democrat South Cambridgeshire Executive Meeting

As I'm sure you can imagine 90% of what goes on within a Political Party is, by necessity, confidential. We discuss election strategies, past and future, candidates, policies (both local and national), communication, and pretty much anything else that comes up.

On Friday evening at Friends Meeting House in Cambridge South Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats got together for an executive meeting called by our current Chair Cllr Sue Gymer. This was an opportunity for any party member anywhere across South Cambridgeshire to turn up and make their views known; a specific agenda item ("Open Debate") was created specifically for this purpose. Given the number of local and national issues coming to the boil at the moment as you can imagine the room was packed!

It was also good opportunity for members to effect change in their local party by using the traditional Liberal Democrat party "motions" which would then be either approved or rejected.

At Fridays meeting we had two motions to discuss, the first was by Cllr Susan van de Ven (which I helped to draft, but didn't support!) regarding candidates for local elections, the second as via Michael Kilpatrick regarding the current Coalition.

Both motions triggered vigorous debate and while Susan withdrew her motion before a vote Michaels was supported widely within the local party.

I guess what I'm saying is that if you're a member of the Liberal Democrats you get to influence our policy, both locally, at our executive meeting, and nationally at our spring and autumn conferences. Not only that but you also get to talk, face to face, not just with your local activists and Councillors but with those who are steering the local party.

Can any other party offer the same?