Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lighter Later: Five Things To Be Proud Of

In parliament today, they announced the private members' bills to be debated in this session. I'm sorry to tell you that despite our best lobbying efforts, clock change wasn't on the list.

The announcement brings this chapter of the daylight saving debate to a close. Without a bill in parliament, things won't be moving forward for a while.

This news is really hard to take. We've spent two and a half years building Lighter Later, and some of you were campaigning on this issue before 10:10 had even been thought of.

A matter of time
But there's no doubt in my mind that clock change is going to happen. Maybe it'll take two years, maybe 20, but it will happen. And when it does, the work we've done together in the last couple of years will have played a big part.

Our victories – the victories that you made possible – have changed this decades-old debate forever (see below for a rundown – it's inspiring reading).

That's the long way of saying we've got a hell of a lot to be proud of. Political insiders have said that Lighter Later is the best private member's bill campaign they've ever seen, and that's down to every single one of you – whether you joined in to lobby MPs, recruit a local organisation to the coalition or just talked to friends about it down the pub!

Just getting started
The best thing about this is that lots of Lighter Laterers had never done anything political before. This was 10:10's first proper venture into the world of policy campaigning too, and even though the big prize is still out of reach for now, we’ve been on an amazing journey together and want to keep going. We hope you feel the same way.

So today I'm asking if you'll stick with us for whatever's round the next corner.

Backing bright ideas with 10:10
The good news is that there are hundreds more bright ideas that reduce climate-changing carbon emissions and make people happier – from putting solar panels on schools to harnessing clean energy from under Iceland's volcanoes! The solutions are out there, and we need people like you to help make them happen.

There's no knowing when clock change will find its way back up the agenda, but when it does, we can make sure the evening sun shines on a world that's healthier, happier, and safe from climate change.

Fancy taking those new lobbying skills to the next level? Click here to get started.

Yours, with deepest respect,

Daniel Vockins
Campaign manager, Lighter Later

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Lighter Later's top 5 victories
  1. Built the first lighter evenings coalition. Sporting groups, business gurus, scientists, health professionals and all creatures greatand small have come out in favour of clock change.
  2. Brought the farmers on board. British farmers have opposed clock change for as long as we've had clocks to oppose changing, but today the English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish branches of the NFU are either supportive or neutral.
  3. Turned the tide across the UK. There has been strong debate up and down the UK about daylight saving, particularly in Scotland. With your help Scottish MPs, road safety bodies, academics and commentator have added their voices in support of the Daylight Saving Bill.
  4. Changed MPs' minds. Ok, not all of them. But the large majority of MPs now either support the issue or are open to the debate. Over 150 MPs stood up to vote in favour of the Daylight Saving Bill, more than have voted on a clock change bill at any time in the past 20 years.
  5. Convinced the government. Together we convinced the government of the need for a review of the evidence, so much so that they're currently conducting their own small scoping study into the benefits lighter evenings could bring. Who knows where that could lead ...