Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bar Hill Minor Improvements Budget bid 2012/13 ** Rejected **

As you might be aware the Parish Council put in a bid to have the local foot ways upgraded as part of Cambridgeshire County Councils "Minor Improvements Budget" for 2012/13. Unfortunately this bid wasn't successful.

The following email was sent to the Parish Council confirming the rejection of the bid although it does look possible that some work could be carried out as part of the County Councils normals maintenance budget.
Minor Improvements Budget bid 2012/13  
Decisions have now been taken on the allocation of this year's budget and unfortunately your bid has not been successful. I attach the report which sets out the schemes recommended by the South Cambridgeshire local member panel and that confirms the allocations approved for South Cambridgeshire by Alex Plant, the Executive Director (Economy, Transport and Environment) in consultation with Councillor Tony Ogree, the Cabinet portfolio holder for Community Infrastructure.  
However some work on the footways will be undertaken as part of the maintenance programme.  The Highway Supervisor will be liaising with the Local Highway Warden to agree the scope of this work.  
If, for any reason, it proves impossible to implement the schemes selected for funding it may be possible to proceed with other bids in priority order and if this affects your bid we will contact you again to discuss this.  
It is anticipated that a budget will be available for minor improvements in 2013/14 and this may provide an opportunity for your bid to be reconsidered, if you wish.  We will provide further information on this later in the year.  
If you have any questions on the allocation process please do not hesitate to contact me.  
Yours sincerely
Brian Stinton Area Manager (Traffic) 
Cambridge and South Cambs 
The attached document is available here (via Google Docs).