Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Consultation Events For South Cambs Local Plan Released

A series of public consultation events across the district have been confirmed to seek the views of residents on how South Cambridgeshire should be developed over the next 20 years.

As part of the consultation everyone can give their views to help make sure the new homes, jobs and services South Cambridgeshire needs will be located in the most sustainable places.

The public consultation will run from Thursday 12 July to Friday 28 September, giving extra time on top of the standard six weeks normally allowed due to the holiday season, when some residents and parish councils may be away.

Consultation events will take place between 3pm and 8pm on the following dates:

  • 17 July at Sawston Spicers Pavilion
  • 18 July at Barton Sports and Social Pavilion
  • 19 July at Cambourne Business Park Marketing Office
  • 23 July at Milton Primary School
  • 24 July at The Swifts, Fulbourn
  • 25 July at Bassingbourn Village College
  • 26 July at Waterbeach Primary School
  • 3 September at Longstanton Village Institute
  • 4 September at Gamlingay Village college
  • 5 September at Great Shelford Memorial Hall
  • 10 September at All Saints Church Hall, Cottenham
  • 12 September at Linton Village College
  • 14 September at Histon & Impington Recreation Ground Centre

Residents will be asked to give their opinions on options of between 4,300 to 9,300 additional new homes to support a possible growth of up to 30,000 new jobs up to 2031.

The new homes needed over the next two decades would be in addition to the 14,200 new homes that have already been given planning permission, or are part of the Council's current Local Plan - including the new town of Northstowe and sites on the edge of Cambridge.

As well as views being invited on the sites that have been assessed as being better for development, residents will be asked their opinions on whether most homes should be built on the edge of Cambridge, as a new town or village, or on land in and around the district's larger villages that have more amenities, such as shops and schools, and where good transport links exist.

Two possible sites - Waterbeach barracks and Bourn airfield - were assessed as being most suitable for a new town or village, but smaller sites in 20 South Cambridgeshire villages will also be consulted on.

The consultation will also ask residents about the number of new jobs that should be planned for over the next two decades - 14,000 (700 per year), 23,100 (1,200 per year), or 29,200 (1,500 per year).

To support the new jobs, there will also be three suggested options for the number of additional new homes needed - 4,300, 7,300, or 9,300.

A second consultation will be carried out by the Council at the end of the year to consider specific site options on the edge of Cambridge.

Local Parish Councillor Andy Pellew said, "Whilst it's the second consultation, regarding the expansion of Cambridge, that I'm sure will be of most interest to local residents it's in everyone's interest to ensure that the District Council puts together a coherent plan to tackle the delivery of affordable housing, education, transport, and employment over the next 20 years - holding these consultations with local residents is a key first step in this."

"The future will be defined by the responses to this consultation and I'd encourage everyone to make an effort to be involved."