Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Deteriorating Public Byways

The recent and apparently continuing rain is creating problems for many path users. Unfortunately a few less considerate motorised users are abusing their legitimate rights to drive the byways in the county.  In response to several requests from Parish Council's reporting excessive damage, we have decided to close down those parts of the network that are most vulnerable to recreational traffic during this wet weather.

These closures represent a very small percentage of the overall network (less than 4%) and will be confined to those byways that are already protected by physical barriers during the winter. Closing these routes now should minimise further damage and limit the cost of repairs.

We are also working with local farmers, through the NFU & CLA, to try and tackle the ongoing problems caused by the weather.

Those byways that are currently subject to permanent & seasonal winter closures can be seen on our webpages here. (Make sure the 'Traffic Regulation Orders - PROW' box on the left hand side is ticked)

http://my.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/mycambridgeshire.aspx?&tab=2&layers=Publ ic%20Rights%20of%20Way&layers=Permissive%20Access%20Paths&layers=Permiss ive%20Access&layers=Public%20Rights%20of%20Way%20-%20PRoW

Do lets us know if you any specific queries or concerns.

Kate Day
Rights of Way and Access Manager