Thursday, 5 July 2012

Olympic Torch Comes to Cambridge!

As you are (hopefully!) aware this Saturday the Olympic Torch comes to Cambridge. The complete schedule is available on the Cambridge City website;

This includes a map of the route and specific timings which are (for Saturday);

  • Midday: The Big Weekend starts on Parker's Piece
  • 5pm: The evening celebration starts
  • 6.08pm: The Torch arrives at Ditton Lane and transfers to a torchbearer
  • 6.29pm: The Torch arrives at Mill Road
  • 6.48pm: The Torch arrives at Parker's Piece to light the cauldron
  • 7.30pm: The evening celebration ends and A Field for Dreams starts
  • 10pm: The Big Weekend ends

The timetable for Sunday is;

  • 6.30am: The Torch arrives at Trinity College Great Court (private event)
  • 6.50am: The Torch transfers to a punt
  • 7.10am: The Torch leaves the punt at Magdalene Bridge and leaves for Huntingdon Road
  • 7.38am: The Torch leaves the city at Whitehouse Lane

On leaving Cambridge the torch will make it's way to St. Ives.

A document helpfully titled "Advice for Spectators" is available here.