Monday, 20 August 2012

Information Service Is 'Tweet' For Motorists

Social media is helping to keep Cambridgeshire on the move thanks to a service offered by the County Council's Traffic Management Team.

The team use Twitter to regularly issue updates on any problems on the roads which could delay motorists, commercial traffic, public transport services or even cyclists - and in just over a year more than 1,000 'tweets' have been sent to followers of the service.

Many of the followers 're-tweet' the information, meaning thousands of people are kept updated on accidents, signal failures, unexpected or emergency roadworks and sporting events - or any other incidents which could cause a delay to their journey.

The local Cambridgeshire media - particularly the radio stations - are also followers of the service and regularly use the information it provides as part of their traffic and travel updates for the public in the county and those visiting from other areas.

County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, Councillor Mac McGuire, said: "The County Council does everything it can to try to keep people informed of any problems on the roads. By using social media such as Twitter we are able to ensure that the information reaches as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and as often as possible.

"Since it launched a little over a year ago, the service has provided more than 1,000 separate pieces of information and it is proving very popular with the travelling public and the local media - the growth of new technology such as smart phones, tablet computers and the rapid spread of wi-fi means that people now expect to be kept updated, even when they are on the move!"

Twitter users can sign up for the information by following @Cambs_Traffic