Thursday, 16 August 2012

Swavesey Neighbourhood Profile Update Aug 2012

The latest panel update has been forwarded to Parish Councillors and is available here (via Google Docs).

These specific objectives were for discussion at the meeting;

  • To address continued concerns from the panel around speeding in rural villages. With the assistance of speed watch volunteers, areas to be surveyed and assessed for Police enforcement activity
  • To respond to the rise in criminal damage in Willingham
  • Identify regular and emerging ASB hot spots (ASB in this context meaning rowdy, disorderly or drunken behaviour, public order offences or noise nuisance. Not including lawful gatherings of persons on green spaces regardless of age)
There was also discussion on emerging issues and crime figures for the previous period.

In relation to Bar Hill Division a report was given of specific local issues;
  • Crime: Is up by ten crimes on the last period, but is still falling compared to previous years. A spike in criminal damage is noticeable from the recorded figures. These follow no particular pattern, and reflect petty vandalism around the alleys and mall area.  Making off without payment from Tesco and Shell UK patrol stations also remain a regular theme in the Wards crime figures. 15 crimes can be accounted to these two businesses. 
  • ASB: Down slightly on last period and again continues to fall on last year’s figures. Again there are no particular trends of note in regards to calls for service. Officers continue to robustly monitor the skate park. Concerns continue in around the visible migration of the area as young person’s area, towards a general meeting place. 
  • The Barhill DPPO has not been used this period, and remain unused year to date and within a rolling 12 months. 
In Girton Ward 
  • Crime: Burglary remained stable on the last period, levelling off from the previous increase at 4 in the last three months. Patrol work continues to target the small number of streets that continue to be targeted. A good reduction of violent crime can be seen from last period, retuning figures back to a normal, year on year amount. 
  • ASB: No trends of note, although an increase is seen over the last three months. Calls range from reports of abandoned vehicles, glass sales men, an unwanted house guest to a report of a male collecting scrap metal