Friday, 28 September 2012

Bailiff Agrees To Clean Up His Act After Trading Standards Investigation

The director of a debt recovery company has agreed to change his business practices and pay nearly £15,000 back to firms across the country following an investigation by Cambridgeshire Trading Standards.

Nigel Marsh the director of Armitage Credit Control Ltd which is based in March, narrowly avoided legal action by Cambridgeshire County Council when he appeared at Peterborough Magistrates Court and he agreed to sign an Enterprise Act undertaking regarding his future conduct in relation to his debt collection business.

Marsh also agreed to pay back £14,620 to six businesses and meet the Council's investigation costs of £5,000.

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards launched an investigation after it received complaints from businesses across the country that had employed Armitage Credit Control to collect commercial debts. The debts were collected but then not passed on to the clients.

Cambridgeshire County Council's Head of Supporting Business and Communities, Leon Livermore, said: "This was a particularly tricky investigation as we had to obtain statements not only from those people who had lost money but also the individuals and companies that owed the debts and paid Armitage Credit Control.

"Nigel Marsh had to agree to sign the undertaking before a judge in open court. This is a fantastic result, especially in terms of getting the money back for the people who had lost out and the outcome is a tribute to the work of Cambridgeshire Trading Standards to support and protect the small businesses that otherwise would have had to write off significant amounts of money because of the activities of Armitage Credit Control Ltd."