Monday, 10 September 2012

Eurofile Newsletter (Issue 13)

Please find attached Issue 13 of Eurofile magazine, reporting on European News from a Liberal Democrat perspective. In this edition:

  • COME TO ELDR CONGRESS IN DUBLIN: Lib Dem members can still join the UK Lib Dem delegation
  • BROADBAND: Sir Graham Watson and Catherine Bearder heap pressure on the European Commission to end legal wrangles holding up cash to roll out faster broadband in at least a dozen local authority areas
  • CAMERON'S DILEMNA: Edward McMillan-Scott suggests Cameron may be trying to outflank a leadership bid from Liam Fox
  • DEALING WITH THE DEBT: Editor Phil Bennion in an extended piece examines how Greece and the rest of Europe can get on top of the mountain of debt facing almost all our economies
  • CARBON CAPTURE: New Yorkshire MEP Rebecca Taylor looks into the exciting £3 billion project now being consulted on to build a full size prototype carbon capture and storage coal power station at Hatfield in Yorkshire
  • CRIME AND CORRUPTION: Bill Newton Dunn wants help for his new committee in thinking of ways law enforcers across Europe can outsmart organised crime and money laundering
  • NO U TURN OVER HEATHROW: Lib Dem MEPs scorn the attempt to bounce the Tories into a U turn over airports policy
  • MODERATES TRIUMPH IN LIBYA: ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt hails the victory of the moderate and liberal National Forces Alliance in the first Libyan elections since the fall of Gadaffi.
  • ONE MILLION SIGN TRAFFICKING PETITION: Catherine Bearder reports on the growing campaign against human trafficking gangs
  • NO CARVE UP IN KASHMIR: Sarah Ludford and Phil Bennion press for human rights and a local plebiscite as essential for a long-lasting and just solution to the crisis in Kashmir
  • FISH DEAL NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Chris Davies is disappointed at the slow progress in creating a sustainable fishing policy
  • BREAKING CHINESE STEREOTYPES: Phil Bennion warns that Europe needs to take a second look at innovative, employee-owned Chinese companies like Huawei who are nothing like the stereotype
  • EU AID TO GET LORRIES OFF THE A14: Andrew Duff welcomes EU support for a project to increase rail capacity
  • CYCLE SAFETY: Fiona Hall slams Commission over the failure to support calls to fit HGVs with high tech cameras and sensors to cut accidents and deaths caused by driver blind spots
  • SNAKES ALIVE!: UKIP attacked for opposing EU attempts to stop alien wildlife destroying Britain's ecosystem
  • CAP REFORM: George Lyon fears the endless euro crisis could derail CAP reform
The full magazine, PDF, is available here.