Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Parish Council Meeting - Thursday 6th @ 7pm

The agenda for the monthly Parish Council meeting on Thursday is now available (see here - via Google Docs).

Other than the standing items (Apologies, Approval of minutes, etc) the main issues are;

- Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes (including Bar Hill Skate Park, The Farmhouse, Upkeep of Viking Way, and the Bar Hill Massive)
- General Correspondence Received (one of these will be the Bar Hill Timebanking Article I'd like the Council to approve for the next issue of the Bar Hill News)
- Clerks Financial Report (including Parish Council Website, Approval for Works and Payments, Annual Return, and Cover For the Clerk During Annual Leave)
- Chairman's Report
- Committee Reports (Planning and Environment)
- Other Reports

As always the Council Meeting will start with the "Open Forum" at which any member of the public can turn up and raise any issue and listen to what the Council has to say. I *think* that the group who are fundraising for the Bar Hill Skate Park will be present during the part of the meeting to discuss their proposal.