Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lib Dem PCC Candidate Warns Of Danger Of Tories' Tax Freezelib Dem Pcc Candidate Warns Of Danger Of Tories' Tax Freeze

PCC Candidate Ruprt Moss-Eccardt and
Local Parish Councillor Andy Pellew

Lib Dem Police and Crime Commissioner candidate, Rupert Moss-Eccardt has warned that the county’s police budget could face severe cuts if the Tories push ahead with a council tax freeze.

Mr Moss-Eccardt spoke out after Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to freeze council tax at the Conservative Party conference yesterday.

He warned the move would mean the maximum increase in the police precept – used to set the amount of money raised for the force through council tax – would be fixed at two per cent.

This is the same amount set by the outgoing Cambridgeshire Police Authority which would result in £11 million of cuts, he said.

“For the new Police and Crime Commisioner to be left to choose between making cuts of £11m to the service or cutting even more severely shows the Tories were never really serious about localism,” said Mr Moss-Eccardt. “The Government must think again.

“The Tories pushed the creation of PCCs as part of their ‘localism’ agenda. Despite claiming that the PCCs would be able to set a budget, it is now clear that Osborne and his fellow Tories are no better than Labour in wanting to control everything from Whitehall.”