Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lib Dems Call For Parking Profits To Pay For Shuttle Bus

Cllr Sarah Whitebread
(LD, Market)

Liberal Democrats have called for the £800,000 profit from residents’ parking schemes in Cambridge to be used to pay for the city centre shuttle bus.

The bus was axed by the Conservative-run Cambridgeshire County Council in April last year despite 67,076 passenger journeys the year before and more than 1,000 signatures on petition calling for the service to be saved.

It costs the county council around £100,000 to subsidise the bus and Lib Dems claim it could be financed out of profits from the council’s on-street parking schemes.  

City centre councillors Colin Rosenstiel and Sarah Whitebread put forward the idea at a city and county council joint traffic committee meeting and it received unanimous support.

Cllr Whitebread said: "The surplus from the residents parking charges could be used to fund the city centre shuttle eight times over.

“It is unfair that the council charges residents such high premiums for residents’ parking but does not use the profits for anything that will directly benefit them"

Cllr Rosenstiel added: "The city centre shuttle was a vital lifeline service to provide access to the city centre for people of limited mobility and to link the shops across the city centre.

“The county council should use some of the money taken from more mobile people accessing the city centre to help those less able to do so, residents and visitors alike."

The traffic committee’s suggestion will now go to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet for their consideration."