Thursday, 25 October 2012

National Adoption Week: 5-11 November 2012

Cambridgeshire is supporting national Adoption Week's campaign to recruit more adoptive families in the county.

Adoption Week is an annual event which begins on Monday 5 November. It aims to raise the profile of adoption and help find homes for the many looked after children in local authority care across the country who are currently waiting for an adoptive family.

Organised by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), this year's theme is Rule yourself in to demonstrate that adopters can be of all ages and walks of life.

Adopters must be over 21, happy to make space in their life and home for a child, be patient, flexible and energetic, and determined to make a real difference to a child for a lifetime. There is no upper age limit for potential adopters. People from all ethnic origins and religions, disabled people, single people, unmarried couples, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people can all apply to adopt. Those without children and those who are parents already, and homeowners or those in rented accommodation can all also apply.

During Adoption Week, Cambridgeshire County Council will be holding an information session in Huntingdon for potential adopters. Anyone who is interested in attending can call 0800 052 0078 or visit for more information.

To help find families for children who are waiting to be adopted, staff regularly invite all approved adopters to special events to discuss potential matches with these children. The next event will take place in Adoption Week.

The adoption service will also be attending a national event where the details of local children waiting to be adopted will be introduced to potential adopters from around the country. The Adoption Register is also used to raise the profile of local children nationally.

Local Parish Councillor and King's Hedges County Councillor Andy Pellew said; "Here in Cambridgeshire there are around 40 children of all ages waiting for loving families. Events like 'National Adoption Week' are vital in raising their profile and helping the County Council match the needs of these children with the good parents these children deserve and I welcome Cambridgeshire County Councils' commitment to this years event."

"The National Government has worked hard in removing many of the barriers that had previously prevented people from adopting, and it's good to see these national campaigns raising the profile of this very important issue. The rewards for those who adopt a child are huge; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform a child's life forever."