Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A14 Challenge Study "Output Three" Published

The Department for Transport have published an (old) report that was used by the Minster prior to the announcement of the packages of A14 improvements earlier in the year.

The two documents are PDF's, and provide an insight (over a hundred pages!) into the proposed A14 improvement packages (including tolling) that the Government is proposing.

While not light reading Bar Hill crops up a few times, notably at 2.3 which mentions a new Park and Ride in the Bar Hill area, similarly 2.5 speaks of changes to the Citi 5 bus service for our area (although things get better for Bar Hill residents those in the surrounding villages don't seem to get quite as good a deal!), 2.8 has a new suggested timetable as a route plan (see below);

2.12 seems to suggest we're in line for greatly improved public transport, 2.16 has an interesting table of bus usage on the Citi 5 (both clockwise and anti-clockwise)

Of course there are no guarantees but I'd encourage anyone interested in the "A14 improvements" to read these documents as they give you some idea of exactly what the department is thinking rather than what they're going to do.

It will be interesting to see which (if any) of these proposed variants goes forward.

In the second document sketches 3/4 involve improvements to the Bar Hill A14 Junction.