Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cambridgeshire Police Commissioner Election Results

The ballots have been counted (those that weren't spoilt!) and the results are in. Here's the result in the first round;
PCC Results, 1st Round

The first thing to note is that the two round "alternative vote" system (yes, I know - after all the stories you've heard about AV!) would, providing your second choice made it into the final two, allow you to vote for someone else in the first round.

Looking specifically at South Cambs results you'll see that Sir Graham Bright (the eventual winner) managed to poll almost 30% of the electorate in the first round - for an election with 7 candidates this was actually a pretty high number. Sadly my ex-colleague on the County Council (and the Liberal Democrat) candidate Rupert Moss-Escardt only pulled in 11% of the vote with Labour's Ed Murphy getting 16%.

Overall the Conservative and Labour candidates, with the most votes, made it though to the next round. The results in round 2 were;
PCC Results, Second Round
Now this is where, because of a poorly chosen electoral system (again - what's with us picking them?), if your first or second preference was either Labour or Conservative your vote didn't count. But you have to follow the rules of the game you're playing so there's no sense moaning about it. Would full AV have been better? Yes. Are the Tories likely to give it to us? Hell no.

Looking at the result it's interesting to see that, despite all the talk of a UKIP-Tory pact Sir Graham didn't pick up UKIPs 14,000 votes, in fact he didn't pick up more than half of them (if you assume he would have picked up some from elsewhere).

Having said that of course he didn't have anything to worry about being very safely ahead of Labour!

I guess we'll see what happens over the next few years but clearly given the low turnout people aren't expecting a lot!