Thursday, 29 November 2012

Stop Means Stop - You're Putting Children's Lives At Risk

Cambridgeshire's school crossing patrol service has launched a campaign to target drivers who fail to stop or are rude and abusive to lollipop ladies.

The County Council's road safety team has received nine reports since April of motorists failing to stop and putting the lives of crossing patrols and children at risk. Other complaints included road users who:

  • Failed to stop
  • Drove around the patrol when they were on the road
  • Used abusive language
  • Threatened the patrol with physical violence
  • Trying to intimidate the patrol by loudly revving the engine while the patrol and children were in the road

Authorities in the eastern region are running their annual Stop Means Stop campaign to remind drivers that they are required by law to stop for school crossing patrols.

Failure to do so can lead to a £1000 fine and three penalty points. In cases where the driver has been in their vehicle and behaved in an antisocial manner, the police can issue a Section 59 notice which can lead to the vehicle being seized.

The Stop Means Stop campaign will be promoted with 6,000 car stickers, leaflets and posters sent to all reception year children.

Andy Swallowe, the County Council's School Crossing Patrol Service Manager said: '"School Crossing Patrol Officers play a vital role in ensuring school children are provided with a safe route to and from school They should be able to do this without fear of intimidation and threatening behaviour from inconsiderate motorists.

"Last year in the UK there were 7,000 reported incidents, which is totally unacceptable. Drivers must remember that if their car journey takes them through a patrolled area, allow extra time, slow down and be prepared and willing to stop when requested to do so by the School Crossing Patrol."

Anyone wishing to display a car sticker should contact 01223 699356.