Friday, 7 December 2012

Councillor Wins Funding For Road Blighted By Speeding

An end is in sight for residents of East Chesterton blighted by years of speeding and anti social driving after a long running campaign by Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Manning.

In a paper going to Cambridgeshire County Council Cabinet in December, money has been allocated to assess and improve the existing speed reduction measures along Fen Road.

“I'm overjoyed the county council is finally allocating money to improve residents' lives” said Cllr Manning. “The process I started in November 2011 and brought to North Area Committee has ended up with resources and money being committed to the project.”

Cllr Manning paid tribute to work done before him by previous campaigners on the subject including MP Julian Huppert when he was a county councillor for East Chesterton.

“I was building on years of work by Julian and other Lib Dem campaigners,” said Cllr Manning. “Residents on the Fen Road steering group also played a key role in bringing this forward.

“We must not lose sight of the long term aim though: this is only a medium term fix. We still need an alternative access road out of Fen Road enabling us to block the level crossing for vehicle traffic.”